Training, Pack Walks, and Boarding

Are you ready to join the
DogFit pack?


Does your four-legged friend jump on people? Does he get too excited when he sees another dog? Does he pull on the leash so that walking him is more stressful than enjoyable? These are just a few issues we can help you with as part of our customized dog training. We want to help your dog be a dog and we want you to enjoy every day together.


We believe that dogs should live in a world where we, the human, create balance and harmony. Since 2012 we have been providing the dogs of Downtown Dallas a balanced and harmonious world with our structured dog walks, even to those dogs that their owners felt couldn’t be near or around other dogs.


If you are an existing DogFit customer and you need to go out of town or you have guests over, feel free to board your dog with us. The dog will stay in a safe environment together with other DogFit pack members. Our staff will do everything to make your pooch feel at home and you will be able to enjoy your trip without having to worry about anything.

  • Sometimes we all need a little help. Thank you Art, for helping us. Whatever you want to call Art. Dog whisperer, dog psychologist, dog's people fixer, dog philosopher, dog chaplain, spiritual guru. He is all of these things and more. His connection with dogs is a gift. And we are grateful. Reverend Angela Stone-Campbell, Carol & Olivia
  • We’re so grateful to have found help from Dogfit Dallas. After placing our dog Boss through two weeks of boarding and training, he was finally able to be around other dogs. We never thought this would be possible. We tried other training programs but they were unsuccessful and never allowed an atmosphere where Boss could socialize with other dogs. Art has a special way with dogs and his method works. One can see his love for dogs through his passion for helping them. Tina, Tara & Boss
  • The fact that Art is willing to trust dogs from the very beginning is what I believe makes him and his training method so unique. Dogs immediately trust him and they are able to build a bond. He knows that each dog is different and works to figure out what exactly they need. He spends time getting to know every dog and owner and is very transparent with what he believes are the problems and solutions. He never made us any promises and told us that this would take lots of time and practice, but he believed in Perry, so we did, too. Lane Robbins
  • Art and Anne Ortiz have helped my dog and I become a great team. Their calm energy, commitment to clients, and compassion creates a great ease in my life. They are always available when I need them, they are extremely organized, and more than anything I trust them with my dog. Art, Anne, and their staff all have the confidence that I expect in a dog walker and trainer. They have an easy to use online calendar system that tracks all my dogs walks, and I can book them right from my computer. They also send me texts updating me on walks even though they don't have to do that. I am a very happy client, and I do not know what I would do without Art and Anne in my life. Caitlin & Owen