Barney and us

We first met Art and Anne in Klyde Warren Park where Art was giving a talk about dogs and humans. Although we were only in their presence for around an hour, from the demonstrations Art was doing, we could already tell that they had a gift with dogs…… and their owners.

Barney our dog is extremely fearful of new or loud things. He was scared of Adams racing helmet and the vacuum cleaner. On top of that he was also fearful of new people approaching him. Art and Anne worked with Barney for a day to experience Barney’s mannerisms and then bought him back to our house to work in familiar surroundings. Art sent us videos and photos throughout the day and you could see the sheer joy that he got out of working with Barney and also how happy Barney was to be with Art and Anne.

When they brought him back home Barney had the biggest smile on his face and we just knew he had had a fantastic day. Art showed us methods of how we could make Barney feel safe in his surroundings and rather than be fearful accept the items surrounding him. It was amazing, although Barney was still a little afraid he didn’t run away or try and attack the items, he merely accepted them being around. Art also taught Adam and I how to be calm around Barney so as not to make him more nervous. He taught us also that Barney feeds off how we act and therefore having a calm mindset will also pass onto him, this is unbelievably true!

I should have also mentioned that for 6 years of owning Barney he has always pulled on the lead, so much so that walking him on the lead became a chore! We have used a couple of trainers in the past for this and all tried various methods, which worked for a week or two but then Barney went back to pulling. This was not the case with Art and Anne, we are a month on and FINALLY our dog walks by our side, with his head in the air, rather than pulling and sniffing…it is like a dream come true!

I am sometimes skeptical when I read reviews, and all I would say to you is your dog should be a pleasure to be around and should always be happy. If you are finding this is not the case give DogFit Dallas a try, you won’t be sorry…30 seconds in the presence of Art and Anne and you will know you are in safe hands. Not only are they fantastic with our best furry friend but they are absolutely two of the most heart warningly wonderful people you will ever meet!

– Nichola, Adam & Barney

We are so happy we contacted Art to work with our dogs! Our 10 year old, Abigail, really wanted to be able to walk both dogs by herself. He took the time to work with her until she was able to walk them down the street and back all by herself. We can’t wait to attend his pack walks! We plan to recommend Art to all of our family and friends!

– The Portillo Family


We’re so grateful to have found help from Dogfit Dallas. After placing our dog Boss through two weeks of boarding and training, he was finally able to be around other dogs. We never thought this would be possible. We tried other training programs but they were unsuccessful and never allowed an atmosphere where Boss could socialize with other dogs.  Art has a special way with dogs and his method works. One can see his love for dogs through his passion for helping them.

 – Tina, Tara and Boss

After we got married and moved downtown, my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt a dog. We ended up adopting a pitbull mix puppy named Nala. Because we didn’t know Nala’s background, many surprises fell upon us as she got situated into her new home. She initially had issues with reactivity and was fearful of many things that came with living in the city such as stairs, elevators, loud noises, and the abundance of people. This made our living situation quite complicated so I reached out to Dogfit Dallas. Art was quick to respond to my concern and promptly came to evaluate everything. With a few helpful tips and guidance from Art as well as daily pack walks with Michele, Nala’s issues began to subside. Today, she has adapted to the city life and loves to play with many of the other dogs. Thank you Dogfit Dallas!

– Denise, Daniel and Nala


Perry was once a happy-go-lucky dog who enjoyed dog parks, playing with everyone, and even sharing his beloved bones. One day, something changed. Over time, Perry became very fearful of any dog that approached, believing it was out to get him, so he would bark and pull on his leash. This continued to worsen to the point where we were afraid to take Perry on walks, so we knew we had to get help. A neighbor recommended Art Ortiz and DogFit Dallas, so we thought we’d give it a shot.

At this point, Perry had not come into contact with another dog in four years. In Art’s first hour with Perry, he took him on a pack walk with 3 other dogs. During the second hour, Art invited Perry into his home with his own pack of 5 dogs. He sent us videos of these interactions, and we nearly cried. We were shocked, but most of all, thankful that Art was able to bring back the dog we knew Perry could be.

Over the past year, we have taken Art’s advice with re-socializing Perry. We’ve worked on his leash skills, introduced him to other dogs through pack walks, and continue to work on off-leash skills. We have also boarded Perry with DogFit Dallas a few times and have noticed improvements each time. Everything from his leash walking (no more pulling) to his responsiveness (comes on command) to his demeanor around other dogs (truly remarkable), we have been so impressed.

The fact that Art is willing to trust dogs from the very beginning is what I believe makes him and his training method so unique. Dogs immediately trust him and they are able to build a bond. He knows that each dog is different and works to figure out what exactly they need. He spends time getting to know every dog and owner and is very transparent with what he believes are the problems and solutions. He never made us any promises and told us that this would take lots of time and practice, but he believed in Perry, so we did, too.

More than working with Perry, we are grateful that Art spent time working with us. Having a dog that needs training can often make the owners feel like they have failed. Art never made us feel like terrible parents, but instead offered techniques and advice to support us. Art has always been responsive to our questions and helped us figure out what we need to do better. Teaching a dog is more about teaching its owners, which is not an easy task, but Art manages to do this gracefully.

I am so glad that we found Art. Because of him, Perry is a changed man. 🙂

 – Lane, Alex & Perry Perro

I rescued this little boy Finnley at about 5 months old. I was having a very hard time getting him to walk on a leash, barking at everyone and every dog, unable to patio sit at all the great places in Uptown and Downtown. Bottom line the two of us were struggling in this new relationship. Thankfully a friend introduced us to DogFit Dallas. I took a two week vacation and Art took ownership of Finn. After he worked with Finn, he trained me. Art saved our relationship! Finn came back mastering all the commands, crate trained, walking on a leash, able to ride in elevators without trying to attack other dogs or people and last a great patio date!  Art taught me a lot and was very good with any follow ups I needed. Today, I get so many compliments on what a great dog he is – I owe it to Art and DogFit Dallas.

Cindy & Finnley