It’s not just a dog walk, our pack walks are a social experience. We want your dog to have the best experience ever by being able to socialize in a safe and structured way. We believe one of the best ways to achieve Balance and Harmony is to honor a dog’s primal instincts of migration, the pack walk.

We socialize each and every dog to be part of the pack walk. If your dog needs training in this area, we can help you with that as well. Most of our clients didn’t think it was possible to have their dog socialize with others till they hired us. Make the impossible possible. In some instances your dog might not be a good fit for our pack walk due to health reasons.

How do we start the pack walk?

It’s very simple! The first step is to schedule a time for us to meet you, your dog. At this time we’ll talk about the terms of service, the agreement, how to schedule your appointments online and invoicing. We’ll also exchange a set of keys. Dogs must have current rabies vaccination, DHPP (Parvo, Distemper) and Bordetella.

Which Dallas neighborhoods do we service?

We currently offer pack walks in The M-Streets, Preston Hollow, Highland Park, University Park, Downtown, Uptown Dallas as well as the Farmers Market neighborhood.

Do you live in a different Dallas neighborhood but would like to get your dog walked by DogFit Dallas? Talk to your friends and neighbors about it, get about five to ten dogs together and we’ll start pack walks in your neighborhood, too. It’s that easy.